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Tapping into STEM Team's talents during Star Summit
Claudia Ochatt , Department Chair, STEM • September 14, 2023

During the last week of Star Summit, students worked on building a generator with Ms. Gurgel as they learned Ohm's law and how to measure the basic components of electricity: current, voltage, and resistance. With Mr. Levin, students learned to calculate...

The JLA Opportunity
Sophia Ushinsky, STEM Teacher • September 14, 2023

The opportunity presented here at JLA is a once of a lifetime! To be on the ground floor of the development of a school presents a unique opportunity for all of us. Dr Ochatt is a visionary full of amazing ideas for the enrichment of all JLA students....

In our photography lesson during Star Summit, Arie also discovered that selective focus can be accomplished by looking THROUGH an object. Any guesses as to what is in this photo?
Star Summer Photography
Darcy Hildebidle, Art Teacher • September 13, 2023

The Flash
The Flash
Thomas Hendrickson September 8, 2023

The Flash was released in American theaters on June 16, 2023. It’s a DC film, which means it comes with controversy. DC Entertainment has a...

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Igniting Creative Flames: The Power of Embracing Organic Feeling Over Artificial Intelligence in Music
Mikel Barandiaran September 13, 2023

Imagine a dimly lit room, where the air hums with anticipation. Musicians gather, they have lives, problems, joys, stories… Their instruments...

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