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April 1, 2024
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Students vs. Teachers Soccer Game

Sophia E. Braghin

You’ve probably asked yourself, who’s better, the faculty or the students? On December 21st, we found our answer. At least when it comes to soccer. 


This highly anticipated soccer match started off with a disappointment to the student’s team and fans. Rabbi Shaffer found his way past our team’s defense as he spotted an opening and scored the first goal of the game. This was a huge blow to the students’ confidence as they entered the game with the anticipation of shutting out the faculty. 


The students, however, did not give up hope. After a few minutes of tense back-and-forth possessions, the students had a golden opportunity with an intercepted ball. With a quick pass to an expecting Andre Alperowitch, the faculty was on his heels. Andre worked his way towards the goal and scored the first goal for the student team as he launched it into the back of the net. The score was equalized by his efforts and the student section cheered with delight, excited to be back in the game. Once play resumed, the faculty tried to take the lead again, however they were quickly foiled by Edmond Antebi, the goalkeeper for the students. Swiftly, he deflected the attempt towards the goal. Shortly after, Andre scored the third goal of the game, leaving the teachers behind in the dust. 


The faculty, rattled by the students’ newfound lead, allowed Gabriel Grasiani to weave his way past the defense and score yet another goal for the student team. The game was looking great for the students; the score now brought two goals ahead. The celebration was cut short when on the following possession, Coach Martinez made a goal with a brilliant move past three student defenders. His goal ended the first half of this thrilling game with a competitive score of three to two. It was still anyone’s game.


At the start of the second half, both teams expected to pull off the win. This was evident by the elevated play of Mr. Barandiaran in goal. He stopped multiple shots on goal, none more thrilling than when Andre attempted his first shot on goal in the second half. Coach Martinez had the next opportunity to score for the faculty, sending a shot past Jake. With a lot of power the shot just missed the mark as it deflected off the top post and nearly sailed over the wall (and we all know how coach feels about that).


The students regrouped and made some sharp passes down the field. They were looking to score when Rabbi Albo showed off some of his amazing defensive skills. He stole the ball and passed it down the field to a waiting Mr. Barandiaran. He attempted to even the score, but put too much power behind the ball and promptly launched it over the fence. On the following possession, Mr. Levin saw an opening to tie it up but it was just high of the goal, once more going over JLA’s 8 foot fence (to the annoyance of Coach Martinez). This resulted in more defensive tactics from the faculty. Despite the new strategy Osher passed their defensive and scored on Mr. Levin. As the ball hit the net, the audience cheered for the first goal in the second half. The students now had a steady lead on the teachers as the scoreboard read 4-2.


A few minutes later, the staff made the decision to put Mr. B in goal, giving Mr. Levin a chance to play on offense. This proved a great coaching decision, as Mr. Levin used this opportunity to score a much needed and timely goal on Edmond. The teachers regained hope bringing the score to . Tensions rose as the game veered towards its end. As the waning moments of the game were quickly passing by, the faculty cracked under the pressure allowing Leon Zrihen to conclude the game with an outside shot from the area landing straight to the back of the net. The crowd erupted with cheers as the students took the win, beating the staff 5-3. It was a great day to be a student at JLA. 


Participants for the students included: Andre Alperowitch**, Gabriel Grasani*, Edmond Antebi, Jake Kravetz, Manuel Safdie, Leon Zrihen*, Ari Preciado, Osher Dagan*, Tal Cohen, Samuel Stompel 


* indicates scored goal


Participants for the staff included: Mr. Shapiro, Ms. Gurgel, Mr. Levin*, Rabbi Albo, Rabbi Shaffer*, Rav Ari, Mr. Barandiaran, Mr. Nandin, Coach Martinez*


Rumors of a rematch in flag football (although the students want to play tackle) have been circling around school. But until then, the students will remain the champions of the school. Go JLA Jaguars!

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