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May 22, 2024
Miami Open
Miami Open
May 8, 2024
Chai Lifeline
May 8, 2024

Teacher Spotlight: Coach E

Chelsea Werde

Coach Mallory Erickson, better known as Coach E, is an integral part of our Physical Conditioning program. We all know about her amazing athletic skills and championship mindset, but I doubt you knew about her musical talents and country girl upbringing. 


Where did you go to high school and college?

“I went to high school in the middle of nowhere Illinois where I grew up. It was a very small, two stoplight town surrounded by corn fields, very different from Miami. I went to Northern Illinois University in a very similar town. I had a great experience there and moving to Miami posed a shock, but now that I’m here I have almost forgotten that I am a country girl.” 


What in your life changed, moving from Illinois to Miami?

“When I first moved here, I disliked the environment. I felt that everyone was on top of one another and everything was extremely crowded. Now that I have gotten used to it and the different cultures down here it is really cool. It has given me a new perspective from my small town upbringing. Everyone in my small town had the same backgrounds and coming here with everyone from different places, it’s incredible to see. I have tried so many new foods and the experiences in general are unique. For example, being able to go to the beach was something that I never had the opportunity to do in Illinois.”


How long have you been coaching? And what is your favorite part about being a coach? 

“I have been coaching since I was sixteen years old, when a friend and I coached basketball for little kindergarteners. My love for it just continued to grow from there. One of my favorite things is seeing my athletes grow from the beginning of the season to the end, seeing just how far they have grown. It is so rewarding to see how far kids grow as athletes and as people. This is the main reason I became a full time coach. It is amazing how much we can learn from sports: leadership characteristics, sportsmanship, facing adversity, and learning to roll with the punches.” 


How does JLA differ from Hebrew Academy?

“The smaller community is definitely a big change, and the fact that so many kids with so many different backgrounds came together is very nice. The diverse population brought a little bit of everything to the student population. We have so many different cultures, bringing their own social customs: Brazilians, Argentinians, Russians, and so much more.”


Why did you choose to come to JLA? Additionally, is there anything you hope to see in the JLA athletics program?

“I came to JLA for a few reasons; for one, I wanted a fresh start to grow more and a change in the scenery. Having the ability to start something brand new is so exciting and challenging for me. JLA also happens to be in my neighborhood, and I truly love my community. About the athletics program, I hope to see championships… lots and lots of championships! I am excited because we have freshmen and sophomores this year, and I can’t wait to see this group of kids grow in their athletics to become champions. I want to slap some championship banners on the wall! Our gyms are too empty for me right now.” 


What’s your favorite sport (playing or coaching) and why?

“My favorite sport growing up was softball. I actually played college softball as a pitcher. However, my current favorite sport would have to be flag football. After growing up, with a focus on softball, it is really exciting to try something new.” 


What are some of your other hobbies?

“In my freetime I enjoy playing guitar and saxophone. Additionally, I used to play the piano. I love singing, music, and all of that.”

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